Varosa Dam with an Extremely Steep Staircase

Constructed on a tributary of the Douro River, the Varosa Dam is most famous for its sharp stairs, blending the dam with the rocky topography. The structure takes its name from the Varosa River which originates from a lowland village near Tarouca and flows into the Douro. The dam, built in 1976, is one of the smallest hydroelectric power plants in Portugal, measuring 76 meters in height and 213 m in length. Nevertheless, what makes the Varosa Dam notable is its extremely steep maintenance access staircase on the west end. It meanderingly runs down the concrete terraces following the relief of the sharp valley.

Varosa Dam Stairs

The staircase of Varosa Dam is so steep that it makes one wonder whether it would be easier to climb down the stairs or the rocks.

Varosa Dam Stairs
Varosa Dam Stairs
Varosa Dam Stairs