Artist Comes Up With A Creative Piece On Wood Sculpting Based On An Ancient Woodworking Technique That He Saw In His Visions

Chris Isner was in an Ayahuasca ceremony, during which he saw clear visions regarding an ancient woodworking technique. He progressed in this technique and now, he uses this technique to record the vision of himself and his clients, transforming them into unique wood sculptures. Every person who has seen his work is fascinated about it and they have all kept asking him constantly about the materials that he has used for these amazing pieces of art. When you first look at it, you would barely be able to tell that it is actually wood! However, Chris takes it a step ahead, as he claims that he has only been using guilt-free wood and it is not just wood!

Chris has excelled in his field of work and is in love with some of the best pieces he has created. If you want to take a closer look at all his sculptures, you can visit his websites. However, we think that his best pieces of work are the synergy of two minds and has resulted in some of the best masterpieces. More info: