15 People Who Look Unbelievably Similar To Hollywood Actors


Emilia Clarke and her body double Rosie Mac,

’Game of Thrones’.

similar to Hollywood actorsHBO

Chandler Riggs (on the left) and his stunt double, 29-year-old Emily Brobst,

‘The Walking Dead’

similar to Hollywood actorsthewalkingdead

Johnny Depp and his stunt double Tony Angelotti,

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

similar to Hollywood actorsimgur

Jennifer Lopez and her body double Daniel Arroyo,

‘Follow the Leader’ music video

similar to Hollywood actorsmirror

Natalie Portman and her dance double Sarah Lane,

‘Black Swan’

similar to Hollywood actorsphoenixpictures

Daniel Craig and his stunt double Garvin Cross,

‘Dream House’

similar to Hollywood actorspetmaya

Abbie Cornish and her stunt double Shawnna Thibodeau,


similar to Hollywood actorsmedia4

Tom Hardy and his stunt double Jacob Tomuri,

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

similar to Hollywood actorstwimg

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