This Looks Like A Regular Picture Of A Squirrel… But When You Zoom In, You’ll Realize The Truth.


Artists come in all shapes and forms, giving us a special kind of art that only they can create.  You can have different tastes and a unique appreciation for each kind of art as well as the artist that it belongs to.  This fantastic artist and artwork are no different, except for the fact that there is much more going on behind the scenes than you’re aware.  Just take a look up close and you’ll see for yourself that this is a kind of art no one’s seen before.  Created with a typewriter, this artist as severe cerebral palsy that does not allow him to create the art that allows him to speak to the world .  So he uses this typewriter to do the task for him.  It’s hard to believe that he could improve from this final work doesn’t it?  Each piece in his collection is like that.