Chilean Beach House Offers Complete Privacy for Distraction-Free Vacationing

A concept home by Architects from Chile, WMR Arquitectos; the Till House is a single-storey wooden structure that is situated amidst the cliffs of Los Arcos in Chile. It cannot be seen easily from the naked eye and when you are there, you will have stunning visuals of the vast ocean surrounding it.

It comprises of roof access, a wrap-around porch and sliding doors that will give you a wonderful view even when you are lying on the bed. The deck roof also has wood and open glass placed creatively, allowing comfortable lighting while maintaining a warm and comfortable temperatures.

Even though it makes use of open architecture, you will not be able to spot the house from the road, thereby giving you an amazing sense of privacy where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the nature. There is no internet connectivity either; making it a perfect destination in an isolated manner from the world.

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