This Rare Ball Python Snake Is Ready for Halloween

That time of the year is coming. Yes, Halloween is near and you can see pumpkin everywhere. Even on animals. But this animal has real pumpkin. You will remember Halloween with this pumpkin marked rare python. Amazing skin of these python species looks like amazing orange lanterns.


These cold-blooded reptiles are popular among reptile fans. Pumpkin mark is not easy to make. There is a sensitive selective breeding process to achieve these marks on the snake. This pumpkin like marks on snakes can also be seen on other animals as well. This is actually surrounding an unpigmented section of the skin with a pigmented section. This way, these amazing spots occur on these snakes.


Pumpkin marks are not special to snakes. These snakes are also called piebald snakes and you need to breed these special animals. Other animals like horses, dogs, pigs, and even cattle may have these marks. In fact, this pattern occurs by formation of pigments in a way different than regular formation. Unpigmented areas on the snakes are surrounded by orange or brown pigmented areas. This way, this unique spotted look is visible.

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Breeding process of these piebald snakes is hard and you need to be extra careful. And even if you breed similar snakes, there is no guarantee with the shape. This is nature and you cannot control the patterns. You need to try different combinations of male and female snakes to find the perfect pumpkin spotted the snake.

pumpkin-patch-piebald-ball-pythonMariposa Veterinary Wellness Center

If you want the perfect pumpkin mark on the snake, you need to breed these snakes with continuous patience and effort. These snakes are non-venomous but can grow up to 4.5 feet in 25-30 years period.

Another breed that gets us in the fall mood is the Red Cornsnake, whose orange and red hues match closely with the season.

pumpkin-patch-piebald-ball-pythonJosh More

pumpkin-patch-piebald-ball-pythonJosh More