People Shares ‘Then And Now’ Photos To Show Changes Things With Time

11. Atomic Bomb Dome – 75 Years Later

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12. The Flatiron Building, New York (1917 And 2012)

old photos then and

13. My Hometown, Approx 100 Years Ago vs. My Pic From Last Week…. Not So Much Has Changed…

old photos then and

14. Early Los Angeles Compared To 2001

old photos then and

15. The Banyan Tree In Maui. Top Photo Taken By My Grandfather While He Was Stationed There During Wwii. Bottom I Took Without Knowing His Photo Existed

16. The Changing Face Of St Bartholomew-The-Great’s Gatehouse In Smithfield, Which Was Built In 1595 And Some Point Bricked Over. It Was Bombed During A Ww1 Zeppelin Raid Knocking Off Some Bricks Revealing Its Tudor Half-Timbered Facade. It Was Restored To How It Looks Today. 1916 vs. Now

17. My Great Grandfather And I Trained At The Same Location, Exactly 100 Years Apart. He Left For France Shortly After This Was Taken In 1917

18. The Former Island Of Urk – The Netherlands 1930 vs. 2020

19. University Of Montana ~150 Years Apart

20. 1920 / 2020 . San Francisco, Ca