The Real War That Inspired ‘Game Of Thrones’

Battle Flowers

House Lancaster used a red rose flower on its banner while House York was symbolized with a white rose flower. And these sigils brought about the name The War of the Roses. So that was how the first big battle in the War of the Roses ended. Like in the War of the Roses, banners are the big deal in the “Game of Thrones”. House Tyrell even use roses in its sigil:.

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Picking Sides

All through the reign of the House of York, the throne experienced neither peace nor comfort. Edward had to be dethroned at just ten years of reign due to the rivalry within the house. Which made Henry VI to be restored as King, but even this wouldn’t last long, still. As the famous Iron Throne of Westeros changes hands many times all through, “Game of Thrones” does as well. At the end of the season 4 of the HBO, four monarchs-to-be have already attempted to claim or have sat on the throne.

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At the return of Edward from exile in Netherlands to England, he battled with and defeated Margaret’s army, killed her son (Henry’s heir), and imprisoned the King in London Tower where Henry VI was later murdered. In “Game of Thrones”, people are also always imprisoned and murdered, of note is one major character from a main House in season I.

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More Dissention 

Edward’s son became the new king as Edward V, but he had a brief reign as Richard (Edward’s brother) seized the crown to become Richard III. Edward and their other brother were imprisoned in the Tower of London by Richard and they were never seen again. Exactly the same sort of rivalry is displayed in “Game of Thrones.” There are three Baratheon brothers, as there were also in the York brothers. After the demise of King Robert, both his brothers are eager going to war with each other to take the throne.


 The House of Tudor

Though, Richard III got the chair he wanted, but like his predecessor, he would not sit there for long. He was killed in 1485 by the Lancastrians in the Battle of Bosworth Field. Henry Tudor who led the army then became Henry VII and became the first member of the House of Tudor to rule England, followed by the father of the infamous Henry VIII. The House of Tudor having allied with the Lancastrians when not a key claimant to the throne before the battle, makes me wonder if “Game of Thrones” will ultimately end in same manner, being a new House just surfacing.

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Peace At Last

Henry Tudor deliberately got married to Elizabeth of York, the daughter of Edward IV to make his position solid. His plan and action united House York with the Lancastrians, and ended the War of Roses. Marriages are common in the “Game of Thrones,” despite the short-lived ones. But, could this really be called a wedding or war? Well, only time will tell. Or should we take it that clues are already in the pages. That ends the series.

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