The Classiest Guns Ever Made

Here are some of the classiest guns ever made

Whitney Wolverine, an ‘Atomic Age’ influenced .22 pistol from the 1950s


A small Ottoman ivory-inlaid miquelet rifle, Turkey, 18th/19th century

Image Credit: Sotheby’s

German hunting knife that’s also a gun, that’s also a calendar, 1528


Napoleon’s three-chamber box lock pistol from the year 1802


A knuckleduster/revolver that was made in Liege, Belgium in 1870


Makarov pistol, birthday gift to Josef Stalin from Tula gunsmiths, USSR, 1949


Continental Four-barrel Flintlock Pistol, c. late 18th century, iron butt and frame engraved with foliate designs, four rifled barrels, two hammers, and four steels

Continental Four-barrel Flintlock Pistol

Double-barreled wheellock pistol (49.2 cm, 2,5 kg, cal. of each barrel 11.7 mm) made for emperor Charles V, Germany 1540

Double-barreled wheellock pistol

Emanuel Sadeler, Wheellock pistol made for Maximilian I of Bavaria (36 cm, 1,2 kg, Cal.11.4 mm), Germany 1600

Wheellock pistol

A multiple-barrel firearm. The Pepperbox Pistol, 1800’s