Dads And Their Kids Asked Each Other A Simple Question, And It’ll Make You Cry

In a campaign that is sweeping the social media world, those behind the Tell Them Now Campaign are seeing an impressive, positive reaction to this revolutionary idea.  Created to make a connection between a father and their child, they hoped to create a video that showed the intense connection between father and child.  This relationship is often shown as a stereotypically distant one, sharing that fathers don’t like to be emotionally available to connect with their children, but this emotionally moving video shows that is not true.

Just in time for Father’s Day, the video is making quite an impact on kids and father’s alike, as kids and father’s express their thoughts and feelings to each other in a surprisingly simple video.  It has been moving watchers to tears and creating an impressive need for them to reach out to their own father figures.

The whole point of the campaign is to get kids and parents to share what they feel now, before something happens that will cause them not to be able to tell their father and child how they feel.  It encourages honest communication and equally honest exposure so others can learn from their example and create fulfilling relationships of their own.

Though it still has yet to reach everyone around the world, this video message has reached many homes and made such a difference already that it is only a matter of time until they are able to help create lasting connections between father and child all over the world.  Hopefully, in the generations to come, this will help break down the barrier between father and child and destroy permanently the stigma of men being emotionally distant.


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