Teen Surprises Mom By Cutting Off 9-Year-Old Dreadlocks, She Takes One Look At Him And Starts To Cry

Maximillian and Melanie let their teenage son grow his dreads for nine years. He had them ever since he was a little boy, so his entire family had grown a certain attachment to them.

But of course, teenagers like to experiment with different looks and styles, and it was time for Jordan to do away with his long, heavy locks.

Melanie didn’t expect to see her beloved boy with a more clean-cut look. In the video below, she’s in for a huge surprise.

Maximillian and his son Jordan secretly decided to chop off and shave his hair for the very first time. Melanie had no idea that when she arrived home, Jordan would be greeting her at the door looking like a completely different kid.

Her reaction is absolutely priceless. In fact, she’s so stunned that she breaks down in tears!

The following day, Maximillian took Jordan to “the most amazing barber in town” so he could get his first fade haircut. What a cool transformation!