Stunning Ruins of Wegelnburg Castle

Located in the Palatinate Forest, the Wegelnburg Castle, now a set of stunning ruins, is one of the most interesting castles in Germany. The castle is the highest castle in the region with an altitude of nearly 600 meters above sea level. Moreover, the stunning ruins of the Wegelnbrug Castle practically serve as a border control center between Germany and France. The castle is only 300 meters away from the French territory.

Stunning Ruins of Wegelnburg

Of course, the story of this proximity dates back to medieval territorial conflicts between the Germans and the French. These disputes were so fierce that similar to the Wegelnburg, the French built their own castles right near the German border as well. In a small area, the border is home to 4 castles. Aside from the Wegelnburg, the Hohenbourg, Lœwenstein, and Fleckenstein Castle are close to each other near the border.

Stunning Ruins of Wegelnburg during the night

While today it is only but stunning ruins, during its heyday the Wegelnburg Castle was the symbol of authority for the Staufer dynasty. Most probably, in the 12th century, the Staufers built the castle to watch over the border between them and other hostile nations. However, the castle provided them with security for only a short time.

Stunning Ruins of Wegelnburg and the forest

After the castle’s governor breached a peace treaty, Rudolf I of Germany ordered the troops of the Prince-Bishopric of Strasbourg to take the castle for his name. The castle remained a royal property for a long time and it continuously expanded throughout the following centuries. One thing was clear, the castle was a proper threat against the nations Germany was not on good terms. Therefore, after signing the Treaty of Nijmegen, Germany allowed French troops to destroy the castle.

Stunning Ruins of Wegelnburg during foggy weather

The Wegelnburg stayed in that state for nearly 300 years. However, that changed when the German government took ownership of it and began restoring it. Thanks to the continuous efforts between 1979 and 1982, and sometime after, the castle finally began to welcome visitors and reopened in 2023.

Stunning Ruins of Wegelnburg from above
Wegelnburg Castle tower
Wegelnburg Castle walls
Wegelnburg Castle