Studio Ibbini: Intersection of Design and Engineering

Studio Ibbini is a collaboration between Julia Ibbini and Stéphane Noyer. Julia is a visual artist and designer, with a background in graphics, and Stéphane is a computer scientist with an interest in geometry. By using their skills, they have been creating intricate motifs that intersect design and engineering since 2017. Their extremely precise and detailed projects constitute contemporary interpretations of traditional patterns.

Here are some of the amazing works of Studio Ibbini posted on Instagram.

Mixture of traditional patterns from several sources including Persian carpets, Japanese cloisonné vases, and a weeping willow tree.

Studio Ibbini
detail of the pattern

“The Sands of Time 2.1” made by layering laser cut papers.

Studio Ibbini
the sands of time 2.1 detail

Persian carpet inspired sculpture made with laser cut veneer wood and concrete

Studio Ibbini sculpture
sculpture detail

Symbio Vessel

Studio Ibbini
Symbio vessel detail

The First layer of a project and its developed version

Studio Ibbini
patern project

“Consumed by Hate”

Studio Ibbini
Consumed by Hate

Persian carpet inspired paper art

Studio Ibbini
Persian carpet inspired project, detail

Short video of the laser cutting process