Stray Cat Mom Brings Her Kittens to Man that She Befriended, for Help

In Houston, Texas, a pregnant stray cat showed up a few weeks ago. In the next two weeks, it returned again, but its size had shrunk significantly. Nobody had a clue where the cat would have given birth.

stray cat mom kittens

A user on Imgur @hambuhguh, who decides to remain anonymous and a resident of a commercial area in Houston, where there is a small feral cat community. When this car – Cali, came to their doorstep, it was pregnant and also very friendly. “She was very vocal and walked up to everyone, meowing a lot. One feeding and some head scratches were all it took for her to claim us,”

stray cat mom kittens

She came back without a pregnant bump and then, people realized that it had given birth and decided to look for where the kittens were.

stray cat mom kittens

Finally, after a tedious search spanning two weeks, they were delighted as Cali carried one of the kittens back.

stray cat mom kittens

She got the kittens to showcase it to the people around. Eventually, she carried the other three kittens as well and placed them in the covered patio, snuggling up with them.

stray cat mom kittens

From that point, she has always been with the kitten and you can also look at this incredibly cute picture where she is seen feeding her kitten.

stray cat mom kittens

They already have homes to go to and once they are of age, they were being neutered.

stray cat mom kittensimgur/hambuhguh

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