Elaborate Pool Tiling Mimics Van Gogh’s Starry Night From Above

If you love art and you love pools, this pool is definitely something that you’re going to want to see.  It is on an estate and the owner made it look especially alike Van Gogh’s Starry Night when you take a look at it from above.  These drone photos were taken so that you can see all of the painstaking detail that made this an incredible piece of art no matter who you ask.  The only thing that is making people wonder how is how you are supposed to swim in the middle of a masterpiece.  I mean, no one wants to ruin this incredible sight, but it’s a pool and needs to be used, right? Art at its finest without a doubt.  All you have to do is simply find a way to remember it for its fantastic design and then enjoy it just how you should be doing.

thestarrynight pool

starrynight pool

starrynight pool

All images via __PETTYOFFICER117__/imgur.