Rare And Weird Star Wars Posters From Around The World

We all are familiar with the original Star Wars poster. However, this list compiled from rare and weird Star Wars posters in existence.

The very first Star Wars poster by Brothers Hildebrandt, 1976, before the film was introduced

weird star wars postersPosterwire

A New Hope, Italy, 1977, by Michelangelo Papuzza

Space 1970

A New Hope, Romania, 1977


A New Hope, Israel, 1977


A New Hope, Japan, 1977

Star Wars Aficionado

A New Hope, US, 1977, Drew Struzan


A New Hope, Poland, 1978, by Jakub Erol


A New Hope, Hungary, 1979, by András Felvidéki

Star Wars Klub

A New Hope, Hungary, 1979, by Tibor Helényi

 Star Wars Klub

The Empire Strikes Back, Hong Kong, 1980


The Empire Strikes Back, France, 1980


The Empire Strikes Back, Japan, 1980

Classic Star Wars

The Empire Strikes Back, Japan, 1980, Noriyoshi Ohrai