Staircases that will make your mouth drop

The steps of this staircase are made of nice timber. Tile like fancy stones is used with the purpose of adorning the side. The use of the stones give this ordinary staircase a modern look, also the colors of the stones evoke the colors of nature.

A Wooden and Rock Pathway Up

This one is a very modern staircase, inside each timber step there is a source of light. When you look at the stairs from the side it looks like a line of wooden framed square lights going up.

Light the Way

This staircase is such a confusing one, be careful while you are climbing up! It looks like it is impossible to ascend without catching on the hand-rail but do not worry, as well as the others this staircase is designed to be safe and different. The sea-current like style gives it the looks while the sound hand-rail makes it a comfortable one.

Moving Steps

Contrary to the previous staircase this one does not have railing but that is not a problem. You will not be out of your balance while you climb up these stairs without the hand-rail. With the nice timber steps going up in helical shape, this staircase has such an elegant design.

Wooden Spiral

This is a really stylish and flamboyant staircase, one which is not usually seen in homes but in chic hotels or opera houses. The curvaceous railings with nuanced decoration and the classic steps made of wood make it a center of attraction.

The Grandeur of a Staircase

Sometimes what is in the foreground is not the practicality but the idea. Sure, you will be confused while you climb up this staircase, so be careful with your steps, the usage of two different colors and their merge with the wall make things extra complicated.

Two-Toned Steps

Here, what we have is another modern design. Once again we have the nice wooden base yet the steps are not ordinarily shaped. Each one is shaped like a triangle which makes the climbing up a little more exciting than usual.

Sideways Steps

Black is such a cool color for staircases, the downward spiral shape makes this one even cooler. It must be thrilling to climb up this staircase as you can see between the empty spaces between the steps. Also, there is nothing in the middle of the staircase, so it could be a little scary at the same time as there is nothing to grasp while going up.

Centered Staircase

This is a beautiful and fascinating staircase, it resembles an illustration from a children’s book. There is a delicate chandelier hanging in the empty space in the middle of the staircase. The fact that each step is carpeted is another interesting detail of this one.

Elegant Staircase

There is another spiral design, a very flamboyant one. This one is in harmony with the classic style of the room and the background. This staircase is flawless and amazing.

Spiral Illusion