He Somehow Got A Brown Recluse And A Black Widow To Hang Out On His Finger

People feel creepy and stay away from spider usually. Rather than the creepy part, they bear the basic common sense to not play around with spiders as they might prove to be deadly too. Quaoar Power is a different kind of person, who took the situation in a different manner and rather took things in his own hands, quite literally! He is an avid YouTuber and his videos will leave you astonished.

Before a few years, when he came across a brown recluse and a black widow in his brother’s ranch in Texas, he did not wish to get rid of them and rather had a different idea in his mind. He wanted both the arachnids in his hands and let them roam around freely on his hand for a few minutes. You will be awestruck watching the video he made and I was totally spellbound when I saw it. Ouaoar Power, a salute to your bravery and guts!

He must have nerves of steel.

So much nope. I’m shaking just watching this, so I can’t even imagine doing it myself. I think I’ll keep running and screaming. That’s worked for me so far.