Have a look at the amazing South Side of Chicago, 1941

In the start of 20th century, there were millions of African-Americans, who started migrating away from the rural South to the Urban North for multiple reasons and this movement was known as the Great Migration.

Some of the main reasons for the migration were disenfranchisement, racist violence, segregation etc. and for seeking better job opportunities in popular industries such as meatpacking, railroad business etc.

Due to the exodus of arrivals and territorial resistance from the white ethnic groups, there was a segregation of African-Americans into a narrow strip of land towards the Southern Side of the city and it was colloquially known as the ‘Black Belt’.

Although they faced a variety of hardships, the African-American populace transformed the South Side to one of the most promising urban capitals of America.

The photographer of Farm Security Administration, Edwin Rosskam, paid a visit to the Black Belt and captured some amazing photos of how the African-Americans lived! Scroll down to have a look and you will be surprised.