She Offered This Sloth A Flower And He Had The Best Reaction

Sloths are both adorable and pretty hilarious. Lovers of sleep, funny looking in a cute way and in general just odd creatures, it comes as little surprise that they are held in such high regard by many. The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica is a prime example of the efforts made for conservation of these unique animals, where visitors can come and see the animals in the flesh, as well as learning all about them.

Lovers of plants, including flowers, sloths nothing more than a good munch and a good sleep (like us all!). When one woman was visiting the sanctuary, she was given a flower that a sloth could enjoy as a snack.

After offering the snack to the sloth, she was given a fantastic response, as the sloth wanted to give her nice cuddle rather than just eating the flower. Take a look and see the brilliant footage for yourself!