40 Of The Hilarious Sign Fails With Terrible Messages

31. This Is A F**king Massacre. Thing Made Me Want To Dead


32. Who Thought This Was Acceptable

sign failsJoeyJelly1

33. Jesus Are Is Coming You Back Ready?

signboard failsporkstick

34. Enroll Your Russian Child Now


35. You Think Some Tattooist Hate Their Own Work?

sign failsPyrox888

36. This Giant Poster In My University Dorm

signboard failscolonelpanic762

37. Drugs May Kill You, But Never Your They’ll Hurt Feelings


38. Teachers Who Love Teach Children Teaching To Love Learning

signboard fails


39. Hear That Noise? We Are Growing. We Can Fix It Again. Apply Inside

sign failsarmchairnixon

40. My Girlfriends Kitchen Tiles. Forffee Coyou

signboard failsLaveys_Fvcktoy