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Scientists Baffled To Find Sharks Living Inside An Active Volcano


When researchers were doing their work in Solomon Islands, they were taken in for a shock by a shark. The specie of shark they discovered, known as sleeper shark, is originally found in Pacific and Atlantic oceans along with Antarctica and Tasmania. However, this specific shark they found was present in Papua New Guinea and its location came as a shock to everyone: inside an active volcano!  Brennan Phillips, a research scholar from the University of Rhode Island, said to National Geographic that he was freaked out looking at the shark. Phillip and his co-workers were placing cameras in deep sea near Solomon Islands to study the volcanic activity. Suddenly, they came across something blob like when they saw the footage. It was only after a closer examination that they discovered that the blob like object was a Pacific sleeper shark and they also documented the shark. Previously, this specie of shark was never seen this far South. Usually, Pacific sleeper sharks grow up to 23 feet and are stealth animals. The one discovered by these scholars was of 14 feet and weighed around 888 kg.

More Info: [h/t: National Geographic]

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