Senior Dog With Dwarfism Helps Boy With Dwarfism Stand Tall Against His Bullies


Sometimes it takes perspective for you to be able to see the good in something.  Such was the case of this sweet little five year old boy who was bullied by people on the street for having dwarfism.  It made him so self conscious that no one could even get him to talk about it.  For a child that young to be feeling that terrible, it’s a sad story that has made us all upset about it.

Then, along came Buddy, a senior dog who also has dwarfism.  This older dog enabled this sweet boy to see dwarfism outside of his own suffering, so that he could understand it better.  Now he thinks that dwarfism is “cool” and he is so looking forward to showing off to the world with his beloved dog at his side.  It’s so incredible that all it took was for a lovable dog to come into this boy’s life and help him understand that dwarfism is nothing more than a word.  This duo is now out and about in the world and it seem as though nothing can knock them off from the cloud nine they are currently surfing on!

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