You Can Sell Your Poop For $13k Per Year And Help Science


If there’s one thing that the entire world can agree that we all do, it’s poop.  It’s an essential thing that we all do that could get us some payment in return.  There is a company called OpenBiome that is doing some testing on how to cure a serious disease called Clostridium difficile.  This is a serious condition that requires a fecal transplant to cure.  They are looking for fecal donors that are living near their location.  They are paying for them to donate fecal donations after they go through a series of screening to make sure that they are an ideal candidate.  After all, the fecal transplants for this condition have to come from donors, right?  If you find yourself interested in helping in this money producing process, check out the website to see if you are eligible and maybe you’ll find yourself a new part time occupation. OpenBiome offers all sorts of funny contests for donors to make it seem a little less awkward and a lot more fun.  No matter how you look at it, you have to admit that this is a pretty cool way to earn some extra cash.

[Hat tip: Inhabitat, Free Enterprise]