Artists Uses Visual Effects to Advertise His Old Car for Sale; Gets 2 Million Interested Buyers

Most people who want to sell their used car will just publish an advertisement on Craigslist or some other classified ads website. An Israeli artist named Eugene Romanovsky had a used 1996 Suzuki Vitara that he wanted to sell. But instead of just posting an advertised in the classifieds, he went a bigger step further by creating a two-minute video advertisement for his car. However, this wasn’t just any commercial video advertisement. Eugene used his visual effects skills to make his car appear as if it were doing all sorts of adventurous things, like driving next to dinosaurs, driving underwater, or even flying in outer space. His video was published on YouTube less than a month ago and it has already gotten more than 2 million hits. Even if you don’t want to buy his car, it is still an amazing video just to look at for its visual appeal.

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