Check Out This Seal Riding A Whale

Seeing a seal in Wales is no unordinary sight, neither is seeing a whale.  What is unusual is seeing a seal riding on the back of a whale.  While it has happened several times in the past, it is a very rare pairing of animals.  Seals follow humpback whales around in order to take advantage of the fish they leave in their wake but it’s rare for the two to interact.  It is thought that the seal jumped on the back of this humpback whale to escape another whale, an Orca. The other photos taken by the photographer who managed to capture this sight are also interesting.  They show a large amount of whale activity.  According to the photographer, more than normal.  What a local wildlife and fish expert thought was interesting is one photo shows a whale bubble feeding which is abnormal for the local whale population.  It’s the first time the expert has seen a local whale bubble feed.  A humpback that offers rides to seals is probably a unique whale so it’s not a surprise it feeds differently. (h/t: Sydney Morning Herald)