There’s a Fighting Game Featuring Famous Scientists and Their Special Moves Look Awesome

Artist Diego Sanches designed pixel art characters and animations for an upcoming game called Science Combat for Superinteressante magazine.

The Street Fighter-style fighting game features eight legendary scientists whose special moves are based on famous discoveries they made. Each character has six basic attacks and two special attacks.

Copyright of all images: Superinteressante magazine, Editora Abril

Original Idea, texts and executive production: Fred Di Giacomo and Otavio Cohen
Game design, art and animations: Diego Sanches
Programming: Cheny Schmeling, Murillo Lopes and André Cabral
Art Direction: Abraão Corazza
Interface: Daniel Ito and Juliana Moreira
Soundtrack and Sound FX: Juliana Moreira
Text Edition: Karin Hueck

[via Behance]

Basic Attacks

Charles Darwin

scientist street fighter

Albert Einstein

scientist street fighter

Stephen Hawking

scientist street fighter

Marie Curie

scientist street fighter

Isaac Newton

scientist street fighter