Scared, Stranded Pit Bull Who Was Struggling To Survive Gets A Touching Rescue.

The Hope for Paws animal rescue shelter takes pride in the way it sets out to help any animal that is suffering, no matter the struggle involved. This makes the effort they put into saving abandoned pit-bull Bunny even more admirable.

Bunny was dumped by her owners in a remote location that was fenced off. The rescuers couldn’t get access the area due to it being government property, so they need to come up with a way to get the scared pit-bull to come to them.

This proved to be a struggle, abounded and terrified bunny had every reason to lack trust in humans. The guys at Hope for Paws weren’t to be stopped, as they came up with a genius plan to try get Bunny to come to them.  Using one of their cages, they place a hamburger in and left it isolated so she would go in.

The plan was a success in matter of hours the transformation had already begin, as she showed her playful and loving side – all took was a bit of care.

Source: Eldad Hagar