This Russian Photoshop Master’s Skills Will Blow Your Mind

Are you a photoshop lover?  We all are, to some extent.  Then take a look at the incredible skills of this entirely self-taught (remember this), DeviantArt user, Max Asabin.  From Russia, this is a digital artist that has been dedicating his attention and time to freelancing as a digital artist for years, now.  He specializes, lately, as someone who uses foregrounds of similar atmospheres and takes them al in one photo, then merging them together with superior skill and dedication to create an otherworldly, incredible look that you certainly must see for yourself.

All of this is self-taught.  Just thought you would need to see that again.  Imagine having that much talent and working as a freelancer, the oppourtunities are pretty incredible to say the least.  It’s pretty sure that this guy is about to get a lot more popular.

More info: DeviantArtVK, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr