Rare Ruby Seadragon Is Spotted Alive for the First Time

Are you a nature lover who is hoping to get eyes on the coolest discoveries in our world today?  Take a look at the ruby seadragon, a recent discovery in the deep waters of Southern Australia that has only just been captured on film for the first time.  While you have seen this unique creation before in museums, finding them living is often very rare due to the fact that they are rare to begin with and we do not know a lot about them and their life cycles.

Recently, video footage was shot of two babies in their natural habitat that introduces a lot of evidence to the researchers who are looking to learn more about these creatures and their intriguing lifestyles.  With this new information, researchers are hopeful that they are going to be able to find more of these creatures and admire them from afar with a remote controlled camera – like this footage was shot – so that we can learn about them without intruding.  Only seen in 2015, we’ve still got a lot to learn about this intriguing creatures.  Their bright red colour is what makes this distinct, but it acts as camouflage in the deep waters where they live.

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