Artist ‘Roadsworth’ Uses Public Streets as a Canvas for Art and Activism

An activist and artist from Montreal named “Roadsworth” has created a unique form of artwork that involves using crosswalks, parking lots, public streets and any other area with asphalt on it as his canvases. Roadsworth, whose real name is Peter Gibson, creates interesting images on these public asphalt expanses. For example, he went to an area with typical looking parking stripes and turned them into dandelions. Another area had a crosswalk with no stripes at all on the ground. So, he illustrated a rope bridge on the asphalt that went from one end of the street to the other. And in an area that did have striped crosswalks, he illustrated a giant octopus on the corner and had its tentacles stretched over each striped crosswalk. Roadsworth has since put pictures of his illustrations up on his Instagram account.