If You Have A Ring Stuck On Your Finger, Here’s How To Remove It With Ease

If you have a good ring, chances are, you wear it all the time. You want to show it off to your friends and family, or maybe it holds a special significance to you. It stays on your finger through thick and thin and there are few reasons you’d ever take it off.

Well, let’s just say that one day you want to remove it — you’re about to go play baseball, mold some clay in pottery class, or put it in a safe for vacation. You go to pull it off your finger and it just won’t budge. You pull and pull and pull but nothing seems to work. Here’s how you can get a stuck ring off of your finger with ease.

Well that is some useful knowledge! It can be really embarrassing to get a ring stuck on your hand — be it your own ring or one you try on at a store. Never worry about it again with this trick.


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