22 Ridiculous Fashion Designs That You Can’t Believe They’re Real

Fashion is a world ruthless and unforgiving. Designers try to constantly outdo themselves in order to stay relevant. Some of them lead to both hilarious and hideous results. There are people who actually wear this stuff is even more hilarious.

Here are 22 fashion designs that are just too ridiculous to be real!

1. Why put on pants at all?

pant holesPatras Events

2. One of the stupidest shoe designs ever

stupidest shoe designsTopAusCasino

3. Ventilation, in case it gets hot

purple tshirtlinskatoch

4. When you got attacked by a bear but you still have to go to work:

green jacketBerniceRalph

5. Even more jeans

more jeanssolomila

6. Looks like she took a car mats and made a skirt.

 car mat skirtbalenciaga

7. As it turns out, it’s really easy to be trendy.

blue big bagThuyOng

8. Very original picture on the sweater


Country 101.1

9. The best thing for the beach season

 beach flip flopscrimesagainstshoemanity

10. A great way to study anatomy


11. When you wanted to be Mermaid but something went wrong: