Herd Of Elephants Pull Together In Harrowing Rescue Of Drowning Baby Calf

By Ellie Duncombe A baby elephant who was close to drowning in a waterhole was rescued by his herd when they pulled him to safety. The harrowing moment was captured on camera by, Jeni Smith, who was visiting the Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa, on January 10, and had stopped to watch the elephants whilst on safari. Jenni said: “We were watching the elephants swimming when I noticed the little calf in trouble. That is when I started filming. “The herd were flustered when they realised the calf was in trouble and they were not quite sure what to do. “The elephant bull was in the water already and he moved in to assist by pushing the baby upwards onto the bank. “The female elephant then pulled him to safety with their trunks.” After a few attempts to get the youngster onto dry land, the herd eventually pull him from the waterhole. Jenni said: “I was utterly amazed and filled with love for these incredible animals. “I was thrilled to see that the baby was safe. He was completely fine afterward.”