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This 9-Day-Old Rescue Kitten Can’t Even Open His Eyes Yet, But Watch Him Eat… OMG!

Meet this adorable nine-day-old kitten named Leonardo DiCaprio, who was born on the day when Leo won his first Oscar. Leo and the other kittens from his litter, Bree, and Oscar, were abandoned by their mama, a Siamese cat. They were all alone outside, left to fend for themselves. Of course, they wouldn’t have survived much longer without any care or milk.

Thankfully several teenagers heard cries coming from the bushes and discovered these little cuties. They are now safe under the care of a foster mom, Cheri, and Cats at the Studios, where they are getting bottle-fed and well taken care of. Watch Leo drink milk from his little bottle in the video below. Warning: it may be too cute to handle!