The Reflection Of Ever Changing Sky By Human-Shaped “Pool” Lieing In A Field

Brooklyn-based brothers and stencil artists Icy and Sot have traded so much in their typical street art setting for a more pastoral landscape in their latest project, Nature’s Reflection. A human-shaped mirror was installed onto a plot of grassy land, this cleverly piece of art offers the beautiful, and body reflection of the ever-changing sky. It was set in rural Tbilisi, Georgia. Nature’s Reflection features an unidentified, silhouetted figure lying in the grass. The installation was simply rendered although it may be thought- provoking. The artist placed a human-shaped mirror in the dirt so as to create this piece of art. Just like a body of water this piece of art reflects the light, clouds, and colors of the sky, though its unique shape strikingly make it different from natural formations. Just like a reflecting pool, its quiet atmosphere makes availability for an uninterrupted contemplation. From the surface, this piece of art may not have much in common with the stenciled spray painting by an Iranian artist, the ephemeral and conceptual approach to art is being conveyed perfectly by this piece. Due to the random nature of this piece and the interest of the brothers in exploring “a world free from war, violence and borders,” Its subject matter to a great extent is open to interpretation. It may seem like a person reclining in the greenery to some people and may evoke a grassy grave to others. Whichever one it is, what is clear is that Nature’s reflection will make you think just like all Icy and Sot’s works.

The artists explored a similar concept and aesthetic with Human Reflection on Nature, a contemporaneous piece made of plastic trash found in a river.

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