People Are Recreating Famous Artworks With Household Items (New Pics)

The challenge, which asks people to recreate famous paintings of art by using things they find around the home, has gained a lot of attraction. Here is a list of the newest submissions to the page contain parodies created with household items, from Renaissance art to modern photography.

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1. Sharaku Kabuki Portrait


2. Rembrandt “Portrait Of A Woman With Gloves”

3. Picasso’s “Woman In A Hat With Pompoms And A Printed Blouse”

Recreating Famous Artworks

4. The Death Of Marat


5. Like A King By Afarin Sajedi


6. “La Ricitos” By Baldomero Gili

Recreating Famous Artworks

7. Gustav Klimt “Mother And Child”

8. Edvard Munch “The Scream”

9. The Great War By Rene Magritte

10. Pop Art Figures By Keith Haring