21 Real Glitches In The Matrix That Will Freak You Out

Here are 21 real glitches in the matrix that will freak you out!

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1. “The glitch in the Matrix this afternoon that caused trees to only be partially rendered.”

glitches© DoublePlusGoodGames/reddit

2. “I went to the arcades earlier and got a guard of honor from some seagulls.”

© ninja-kid123/reddit

3. “My buddy was wearing the same shirt as a woman at the bar. Later on, we found another man wearing it too.”

glitches© fightinforphilly/reddit

4. “Clouds are not rendering in.”

© chummyteapot/reddit

5. “2 broken clocks in 2 different kitchens — they stopped at the same time!”

glitches© paulofcreation/reddit

6. “No idea how this happened!”

© Haruv/reddit

7. “It looks like the buildings here are only background textures.”

glitches© Baya_Pinia/reddit

8. “She looks tired after escaping from the Matrix.”

© cryptopriest03012009/reddit

9. The orange has a seam.

glitches© Lower-Fold-6134/reddit

10. “Simulated pathways”

© holsey_/reddit