Surprisingly Bizarre Real Estate Listings By Zillow Gone Wild

It is possible to see surprising real estate listings while searching for real estate. There are such bad real estates that it might be surprising to see. An Instagram page Zillow Gone Wild collects bizarre real estate listings and share, here are 30 of the most bizarre reals estate listings.

1. Yes This Home Actually Has Underwater Scuba Tunnels (With Fossils). $10,900,000

real estate listings

2. The Alien Home. $225,000

3. The Ziggy Stardust House. $3,500,000

4. Another Hall Of Famer. Was Listed At $4,500,000

real estate listings

5. When Life Gives You A Sale On Paint, You Get As Much As You Can. $1,398,000

6. The Alhambra. $1,400,000

real estate listings

7. I’m Sold $1,689,000

8. The Mushroom House II. $295,000

9. $149,000

real estate listings

10. “The Mine Shaft Home”. $3,750,000