An Incredible, Unexplainable Event Was Filmed. You Have To See This!

Not everyone has seen the glories that Mother Nature has to offer us. From breath-taking natural landscapes to animals that inhabit them, nothing can quite equal that feeling fo seeing nature work its magic.

For that very reason, this video is awesome, better still no one can explain why this particular event happened in the first place!

The video features what is widely believe to be the largest schools of rays ever caught on camera. Thousands upon thousands of these mobular rays gathered together off the sun kissed coasts of Baja, California.

Not only do the animals look majestic and serene in the water as the gather together, they hilariously fly in and out of the water, making the event that bit more peculiar.

Simply put, nobody expected to ever see tens of thousands of rays randomly gathering together, which makes this video that bit more spectacular, and probably the only time most will ever see such a sight.

Source: National Geographic