Watch How Easily A Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet


photo credit: How does a rat make its way around the U-bend? Screen capture/National Geographic

It is the worst nightmare for a large chunk of people, going to sit down on the toilet only to realise that you are not alone. There is a long time myth about what could and couldn’t manage to crawl its way into a toilet bowl, with the likes of snakes and rats always the most horrifying suggestions for animals that could invade your lavatory. But it turns out that rats may be a lot more likely to achieve the unlikely goal of traversing through the pipes and plumbing attached to toilets. As if people were not scared enough of the rumours that animals could actually end up floating in their toilets, National Geographic has gone on to explain in great detail just how possible it is. Albeit the chances of this happening a pretty low, we still would hate to be the person who realises they have an unwelcome visitor joining them in the toilet.

Watch National Geographic’s video and see for yourself – at your own peril.

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