Have You Seen This Cute Pig-Nosed Purple Frog Ever Before?

This is a new specie that has been discovered and typically, they are known to spend a major portion of their life underground. You would only be able to spot them during monsoon rains, when they emerge out.

Western Ghats of India is a biosphere and it is home to different species that you cannot find elsewhere! This monsoon, if you are planning to go trekking in the Western Ghats, you can meet one of the most unique species of the world: Bhupathy’s purple frogs, who have pig-like snouts and rings around their eyes with a shiny purple skin. It was only recently that a team of National Geographic researches found these strange tadpoles when they were swimming in a stream.

These tadpoles are not like typical frog tadpoles. These tadpoles attach to rocky cliffs and waterfalls to feed on algae, unlike typical tadpoles that grow tails and move around ponds. They are known to live underground for most of their lives, while feeding on ants and termites, thanks to their long tongue.

purple-pig-nose-frog-species-indiaA species of purple frog discovered in 2003 is a close cousin of the Bhupathy’s purple frog. KARTHICKBALA/CC BY-SA 3.0

They are slightly like purple frogs, that were discovered back in 2003 and both the species have a close resemblance, although they live on the western flank of the same mountain range. The purple frogs come out during May to August, while the new purple frogs come out during October to December. Check the pictures of this amazing specie and let us know about what you think!

via atlasobscura