20 Puppies On Their First Days Of Work That Will Make Your Day

11. Puppy Mo On His First Day With Greater Manchester Police

12. Service Puppy-In-Training Needed A Nap In My Gym. We Put Cones Around Her So She Wouldn’t Be Disturbed

13. I Bet He Will Be Chewing On A Bad Guys Arm In No Time

14. Learning How To Read Is Part Of A Training

15. Two Service Dogs In Training. Work Is Hard

16. Proudly Wearing His Uniform

puppies first days at workStanislaus County Guide Dog Puppies

17. My Local PD Just Got A New Puppy Who Is So Ready To Be Done With Pictures And Just Take A Nap

puppies first days at workAmphibology29

18. 7 Weeks Old Police Puppy

puppies first days at work

West Midlands Police

19. Local Sheriff’s Office’s Newest Recruit

puppies first days at workRawtashk

20. Service Puppy At Work

puppies first days at workMilitary Working Dog Puppy Program