Life Of Man Living In A Tiny House On His Own Private Island In Florida

Tim Davidson lives in a tiny house called Tiffany on his private island in Florida, US. Check out his incredible story and life!

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In 2017, Tim Davidson’s family told him he had 60 days to move out of their vacation home in Florida

Just before the deadline, he bought Tiffany, a 270-square-foot tiny house

It got its name from the colorful glass light fixtures

The home has two lofts, a full bathroom, a living space, and a kitchen

After getting Tiffany, I started looking for a permanent piece of land to live on

He ended up purchasing a tiny island in Florida for $200,000

Eventually, Tim realized Tiffany probably wouldn’t survive a strong hurricane

So he got a 320-square-foot home for $90,000, which is shaped like an octagon and is really sturdy