Ever Been Impatient In A Queue? Watch As These Dogs Put Most People To Shame.

Have you ever been in a queue, and it felt like it was taking so long that you start to wish harm to the people in front of you? You certainly wouldn’t be alone. People get road rage, they get angry in queues, people try and jump queues. Queues bring out the worst, and impatience brings out the worst in people. So, you’d be forgiven for getting annoyed when you had to wait something. However, take a look at this photo. These dogs put you to shame, as they also do for most people. These police dogs are waiting in line for dinner, and they are not complaining whatsoever. They are an inspiration for all those people who have ever gotten impatient when waiting in line.

police dogs waiting food

Border patrol service dogs waiting in line to get dinner. Finland, circa 1940

police dogs waiting food

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