This Pit Bull Was Severely Abused, But When She Meets This Woman… I’m Speechless


Animal abuse has been prevalent in modern times and most of the people who abuse animals are subject to abuse themselves, there is no reason why they should pass it down to animals. Abusers always want to keep their victims unhappy and wish to make them suffer greatly.

Most of the victims are abuse is predominantly women and dogs, as they both are subject to a great degree of physical abuse. They usually find solitude in each other and thus, by seeing this video, you will get to know how beautiful the bond between both of them is.

The lady you see in this video is Melissa and she was a victim of abuse from her ex boyfriend. However, she escaped from the abuse and shockingly; her ex boyfriend had stabbed her 32 times, in a bid to disfigure the face of Melissa so that no one else will love Melissa ever after.

However, love proved Melissa’s ex boyfriend wrong as she not only found love, but also came to the aid of another victim of abuse. Although her face was paralyzed temporarily and many people thought that she would not be able to smile again, the dog named Khaleesi came to her life and both were able to find love in each other. Look at this beautiful clip and you will indeed say that life is beautiful!