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Look at how a pit bull reacts when a 4-year-old dumps food on the kitchen floor

Typically, people have a habit of categorizing everything that they come across: be it a place, person or any activity. However, it is not good to do it every time as there might be a different perspective to everything. One of the most stereotyped out of the lot is pit bull breed of dogs, that are known to be aggressive and violent in most of the cases. They are known to be aggressive and dangerous; giving a tough time to the owners.

However, this clip will make you change the way you look at things. In this lovely video, you can see that a 4-year-old is spreading food on the floor and 6 pit bulls are waiting patiently for further instructions. They are so patient and disciplined that they do not pounce on the food even if it is right there.

Only when the little girl indicates that it is time for them to feast, they dig in the food and we are truly amazed with the way these pit bulls behave!