This Police Department Is Training Shelter Pit Bulls To Become Cops — Amazing!

Owners of pit bulls will be able to tell others just how lovable and adorable the breed of dog is. Unfortunately there is still a large misconception regarding the nature of these gorgeous pooches, with many still believing them to be one of the most violent and dangerous breeds out there. This leads to some heart-breaking figures, with close to 1 million pit bulls being euthanized in America alone. Their image has improved in recent years, but the unfortunate label still follows many around, leading to many owners giving up hopes of training them properly before they even get started.

One police department is hoping to make changes to the image of pit bulls by including them into their K9 unit, a role usually saved for German shepherds. As it turns out, pit bulls are very receptive to the training and make a fine addition to the K9 department, with this particular pit bull becoming very popular within the police department!

Rescued Pit Bulls On Patrol…

They should do this in every town! Video credit: Natasha Scully

Posted by LittleThings on Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hopefully it leads to much more progressive thinking towards this dog breed, and we can one day see the number in shelters dropping significantly.