Video Footage of Plane Landing Offers Unimaginable – and Slightly Terrifying – View Pilots Experience

Nothing quite compares to the view from a plane as it navigates the skies 39,000ft above the ground. The sights are breath-taking, with all-compassing views of every landscape imaginable – it’s quite the view providing you get a window seat!

Yet one aspect of flying that passengers never catch a glimpse of is the cockpit. As the pilot’s view is understandably much wider, they can see so much more as they soar in the skies, and it’s hard not to get envious.

One especially thrilling view from the pilot’s cockpit is when the plane is begins to land, as evidenced by the incredible footage captured by Qatar Airways piolet Sandeep Varma. The video showcases the process of landing a passenger plane from tens of thousands of miles above, with the plane slowly descending from the sky.

The footage begins with a rather standard view above the clouds – nothing out of the ordinary for a flight – but when the plane descends through the clouds you really get an idea of the incredible view throughout the landing process.

Check out the mesmerising footage for yourself!

The mesmeric clip, which would be perfect for a Sigur Ros music video, has since gone viral online with some people being amazed at what they saw.

Most seem absolutely terrified though. Perhaps it was the lack of visibility in those clouds?