Photographer Photographs Two Mimes in 1974, Only Realizes 35 Years Later that One Was Robin Williams

It is amazing and surprising what you can look and find sometimes. Robin Williams consumed his whole life making others happy by his movies. His movies also heartened the lives of not just thousands but of millions of individuals all over the world. The tragic death of Robert Williams has left the whole world in shock, grief-stricken for a man whose complete professional life was dedicated in bringing happiness to people. Many took their time in paying tribute to the academy award-winning comedian and actor, and as stories and clips from eras long left surface, some of the implausible stories have come to light. One such story includes Daniel Sorine, a photographer, who thought in 1974 that he was photographing two random mimes in Central Park, only to know or discover in 35 years later that Daniel had captured little-known Robin Williams on movie.

Robin Williams 1974

Robin Williams 1974

Daniel Sorine shared that back in 1970’s where he was a young photographer, short of capitals and was not able to afford a workroom or adventurous hikes around the world in searching for the perfect image. Hence, the streets of New York City turned out to be his studio as well as for various other aspirant photographers. What Daniel got attracted was a man named Robin Williams and his fellow mime named Todd Oppenheimer, was an uncommon quantity of physical fluidity, personality and intensity. He also added that when he approached the two with his Pentax Spotmatic, they allowed him to invite into his camera rather than him having to hunt after them. And for 35 years, those pictures were merely a reminder of a cool and great experience in Daniel’s early years. It was not until a rare years before Daniel burrowed the pictures out of sole of his baggage or suitcase, realized that it was Robin Williams whom he had captured on camera. According to him, he had captured a delightful moment in past, in which, a moment entirely that much more beloved now that one of the incredible talent Robert, was lost, and who was just beginning to explore.

Robin Williams 1974

Robin Williams 1974

Life is just easy even though there are instances that you are facing challenging moments and problems. People are the ones who make it complicated and difficult. Aside from that, we cannot predict anything or everything on what will happen today, tomorrow or in the future. We are the one who design and create our own destiny and future. No one can tell when our time is or how long we will live in this world. Robert Williams made a history by his memorable films and other activities, as well as him being as a mime. He did not live just for his own but also for other people to make them happy and left a significant mark in people’s lives. So just like Robert Williams, let us explore the world and make a history not just in our life but also to others, so that in time they will not forget you and will remain in their hearts forever. Let us continue in adding color to the lives of other people and make them realize your worth and their worth. You can be yourself who can make memorable history using your skills and abilities and most importantly, your attitude or the way you deal with other people.

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